A Dog Named Dick

17 Jul

This video came about because I was trying to send a picture of a dog I had been sent to a friend called Richard, I had just got Windows 7 and couldn’t send pictures by email (It’s very different to XP), I thought I would put the picture  on YouTube and send a link to it, then I thought I’d try to make a video and write a song to it.


One Response to “A Dog Named Dick”

  1. deltangbrav July 20, 2012 at 3:00 am #

    I have to laugh – I was trying to sort out how to check out the blog of the one who had liked this (still haven’t figured it out) I accidentally clicked on LIKE and almost immediately got this email notification:

    “You liked your own post: “A Dog Named Dick

    You’re so vain. You probably think A Dog Named Dick is about you”.

    If anyone thinks I’m making this up click on LIKE on one of your own postings. ☺

    If the first one who clicked on LIKE (VirginiaPlantation) reads this ….Thanks!

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